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Data Operations for CRM and Marketing - OpenRefine Demo - Webinar Recording

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Watch the webinar recording

In case you missed our webinar with Macro on September 10, 2020, you can find here the recording and the slides.

Data management is a core concern facing many companies today. Good data can have a tremendous positive impact on organizational efficiency, productivity, and revenue. Messy data, on the other hand, can have the opposite effect. It can lead to financial losses and disorganization. 

What Is the Business Impact of Data Operations?

  • Better Data-Driven Decisions

  • Improved Lead Management & Qualification

  • Less Frustration

In this webinar, Dan and Martin will discuss the business impact of good data and will touch upon how companies can better manage their data and enhance their data operations strategy.

Martin will also be presenting a demo of OpenRefine, a free open-source data clean up tool.

Dan is the president and founder of Macro. His professional background includes B2B demand generation consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and various international marketing roles in Europe and North America.

Martin is the founder and CEO of RefinePro, a Canadian company focused on data processing and normalization. He created RefinePro to make data within reach of small and medium-sized businesses or departments in larger corporations. Passionate about open source, Martin is a core contributor to the OpenRefine project.

Watch the webinar recording


The Best Online Courses for OpenRefine 3.3- 2020 version

September often means back to school. If OpenRefine is on your list of new software to learn, we listed below (in no particular order) the best courses released in 2020 for OpenRefine 3.3. They all provide a complete overview of OpenRefine from installation to more advanced features like GREL and reconciliation. All courses combine detailed walkthroughs in text and video with hands-on tutorials to get your new skills in practice. Courses are available in 🇬🇧 English, 🇪🇸Spanish and 🇳🇱 Dutch. 

Of course, the Library, Social Science, Ecology Carpentries and Programming Historian lessons are still relevant and being kept up to date. You can also consult our OpenRefine Foundation class (using OpenRefine 2.6).

We listed their curriculum below to ease the comparison. Let us know in the comment if we missed something! Happy learning. 

Map & Data Library, University of Toronto

Course Content: 

  1. (Optional) OpenRefine Installation Instructions
  2. OpenRefine Tutorial 1. Survey of Household Spending Activity
  3. OpenRefine Tutorial 2. Citizen Science Activity
  4. OpenRefine Tutorial 3. Regular Expressions (Regex) Activity
  5. OpenRefine Tutorial 4. 311 Calls Activity
  6. OpenRefine Augmenting Activity 1: Preparing the data
  7. OpenRefine Augmenting Activity 2: Using Reconciliation Services
  8. OpenRefine Augmenting Activity 3: Using Add Column by Fetching URLs
  9. OpenRefine Augmenting Activity 4: Using Python

Griffith Library

With direct access to their video:

🇪🇸 GBIF | Global Biodiversity Information Facility: Guía de Uso Básico de OpenRefine para la limpieza de datos sobre biodiversidad

Under Progress documentation in Spanish:

Course Content: 
  • 1. Carga de datos y creación de un proyecto
  • 2. Limpieza de datos
  • 2.1. Manejo básico de columnas
    • 2.2. Uso de Facetas
    • 2.3. Uso de Filtros
    • 2.4. Uso de Agrupamientos
    • 2.5. Deshacer y rehacer cambios
    • 2.6. Marcado de registros: banderas y estrellas
  • 3. Guardado y exportación de datos y proyectos
    • 3.1. Guardado de datos y proyectos
    • 3.2. Exportación de datos y proyectos
  • 4. Consultas a servicios externos
    • 4.1. Consultas externas a través de URLs
  • Epílogo
    • Agradecimientos
  • Apéndice 1: instalación de OpenRefine

🇳🇱 Platform ZelfDoen: online cursus OpenRefine

A Dutch translation of the Library Carpentries course:

Course Content: 

  • hoofdstuk 1: OpenRefine: tool voor het opschonen van collectie data
  • hoofdstuk 2: Voorbereiding: download het programma en een voorbeeld dataset
  • hoofdstuk 3: Importeren van data in OpenRefine
  • hoofdstuk 4: De lay out van OpenRefine (rijen en records)
  • hoofdstuk 5: Over facetten en filters
  • hoofdstuk 6: Over clusteren van gegevens
  • hoofdstuk 7: Werken met kolommen en sorteren
  • hoofdstuk 8: Transformaties: introductie
  • hoofdstuk 9: Transformaties: redo en undo
  • hoofdstuk 10: Transformaties: tekst, getallen, data en booleaans
  • hoofdstuk 11: Transformaties: arrays of reeksen
  • Hoofdstuk 12: Exporteren van je dataset