This is the RefinePro knowledge base about OpenRefine. We build it over the years, and keep adding to it. From great tutorials and how-to, to handy GREL expressions and links to external resources, you will find here one of the most comprehensive list of resources to learn OpenRefine.

For a comprehensive documentation you should refer to the official OpenRefine wiki.

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Mining and OpenRefine(ing) JISCMail: (from around the web)

A look at OER-DISCUSS [Listserv] JISC CETIS MASHe: a complete tutorial to scrap data from a mailing list and analyse participant and contribution.

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Finding (Nearly) Duplicate Items in a Data Column (from around the web)

An other great article by Tony Hirst. This tutorial will show you how to use clustering function (ngram and fingerprint) directly in your facet. Really handy.

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From Excel file to RDF with links to DBpedia and Europeana (from around the web)

DERI Galway the author of the RDF extension (download and documentation here) show steps by steps how to use the RDF extension to reconcile your data against DBpedia and Europeana. This tutorial also go through the step to create an RDF schema


Chit Chat with New Datasets – Facets in OpenRefine (Was /Google Refine/) (from around the web)

A good review of faceting capability including text, numeric, timeline customized and scatterplot facet.

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