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Merging Datasets with Common Columns in Google Refine

Merging Datasets with Common Columns in Google Refine

It's an often encountered situation, but one that can be a pain to address – merging data from two sources around a common column. Here's a way of doing it in Google Refine…Here are a couple of example datasets to import into separate Google Refine projects if you want to play along, both courtesy ...


Remove all number from a string

To remove all digits value from a string the following regex should do the work (from the menu edit cell > transform):
replace(value, /\d/, '')

This expression replace all numbers (identified by the regular expression /\d/) by blank. 
All regular expression (regex) in google refine should starts and ends by the character: /


Delete multiple projects at once (using the explorer)

At the end of a large project, you may have created multiple of google refine projects and want to clear them from the Open Project view. Screenshot (click on picture to enlarge it) below are from google refine 2.5. The same process is applicable to previous version, only the button browse workspace directory changed is place.