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Selecting a string within a cell using smartSplit

The function smartSplit is a variation on split function that allow you to split the cell content based on any string of character and then select the leg you want to work on. This function is very useful to extract or remove string within cells without creating multiple columns and then merging them back.


Count how often a character occurs in a cell

Did you know that Refine can count how often an string or character appears in a cell?

To achieve this, I first recommend that you store the count result in a separate column (so you do not write over your initial content). Select your reference column (where you want to do the count per cells) and create a new column based on this column. An other option is to store the result in a custom text facet.

We will use the Grel expression value.split(" ").length().

However if the cells does not contains the value Refine will still return '1'. I found two ways to work around this issue.


How to: convert easting/northing into lat/long for an interactive map

How to: convert easting/northing into lat/long for an interactive map 
Google Fusion Tables is great for creating interactive maps from a spreadsheet – but it isn't too keen on easting and northing. That can be a problem as many government and local authority datasets use easting and northing to describe the geographical position of things – for example, speed ...