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facet by facet count

Google refine offers the possibilities to facet by name or choice count. This can be useful to focus an analysis or transformation only on value having more than twenty records for example.

Sort facet by name using toTitlecase(value) expression

When using the text facet option, google refine, sort all available value either by choice count or by name. When sorting by name, all values will be sorted by number first and then by alphabetical order (capital first and then lower case) into something like this:


Google refine 2.5 RC 2 overview

The 2.5 release candidate is available since Nov 18 and give some interesting insight of what's coming next for google refine. Main change have been done on the welcome interface with three screens to create, open or import an project and a project creation process deeply reworked.

December 12 update
the final release of google refine 2.5 is out. Have fun!


Replace month name by month number

An other quick JSON code to cut and past in your project and gain some time. This one replace all English month by their number so January becomes 01 ; February 02 and so on. It is based on the function replace and will avoid you to repeat the same action 12 times. Here a simple replace in bloc note (to update your column name) and apply and the trick is done.