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Remove or replace a specific character in a column

You want to remove a space or a specific character from your column like the sign # before some number.

2 expressions does the same job:
  • value.split("#").join("")
  • This splits the value at every space ("#") and joins them with no space ("")

  • replace(value, “#”, “”)
    this look for every # ("#") sign and replace it with no space ("")

This post was


  1. Hi, great Blog - do you know how I can remove or replace this html expression?

    a href="" rel="nofollow">TweetDeck</a

    I just need the "TweetDeck" information.


  2. I suppose that you column contains different url, so I will do that in 3 steps.

    1.Split your cell content based on > sign and in two columns (see this post for more details

    2. Remove the column containing a href="" rel="nofollow"

    3. On the remaining column run the following expression: replace(value, “”, “”)

    2. run the following expression replace(value, “</a”, “”)