Delete multiple projects at once (using the explorer)

At the end of a large project, you may have created multiple of google refine projects and want to clear them from the Open Project view. Screenshot (click on picture to enlarge it) below are from google refine 2.5. The same process is applicable to previous version, only the button browse workspace directory changed is place.

Step 1: from the Open Project page in google refine 2.5, select browse workspace directory  located at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: using the explorer select and delete all the project you want to delete.

Step 3: Go back in google refine 2.5 and refresh the page. All projects have been deleted and none are available for editing.

If you want to delete only certain project, you can link the google refine and the explorer based on the project number. Link between project name and project id in the folder:

  1. Open the project and note in the url the project id,
  2. Find the folder with starting with the same project id in the explorer. 
If you want to gain extra space in your project folder, you might want to delete unnecessary history log. Be careful by doing that, you won't be able to retrace the full history of your project. Withing the project folder , in the history sub directory, identify large .zip file and just delete them. (see the discussion on this topic)