Move data from a column to an other

Some data are messy and column can be a mix of different type of data. For example if you work on an address database, you might have a ZIP code column and a State column. And some ZIP code can be stored in the State Column.

1. Using the facet functionality of refine, identified all ZIP code stored in the State column. A quick way to do this is to facet by Text length facet and select all entries that have more than 2 letters (hopefully, your database contains only the 2 ID for the state and not the full name).
You can use the text facet to check the data quickly.

2. Select the ZIP column and invoke edit cells => transform.

3. enter the following expression:

And you're done.

Be careful, entries in the State column will be erased. Save (move) them to an other column if you want to keep track of them.

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