Google Refine Administrativa Survey Results

Following the Usage Survey (see first results), we open a survey to understand the community preference regarding tool to administrate OpenRefine. Thanks to the 43 participants. 

I blow provide a first flat analysis of the results with decision that have already been made based on this survey. You can access details answers here and the survey form here.

Q1 Which code repository should we use?

Other include three blank answer.
The familiarity, clean and collaborative interface of GitHub are the main reason it has been voted for. The code have been moved to a GitHub repository during the week and is available here

 Q2 Where should we keep documentation?

Other include five blank answer and one vote for mediawiki. 
I personally voted mediawiki and I'll explain this choice in a latter article based on the usage survey results. 

 Q3 Where should we track issues?

Other include four blank vote and one for redmine.

Q4 Is it important to provide continuity of issue tracking and transfer open issues?

Average score is 3.6 and the decision have been made to transfer all issues to GitHub. They are now available here

 Q5 Is it important to transfer ALL issues?

Average score is 2.59, however the decision have been made to also include all closed issue to GitHub. There are available here.

 Q6 Where should we perform code reviews?

Other include seven blank answer, one proposition for Rietveld and the following comment "Tightly enforce standards of quality through social means while allowing committers to self-police & opt into reviews when needed"

Q7 Where should we host our project mailing list?

Q8 Where should we provide technical support?

Other include three blank answer and the following comments:
  •  Encourage people to list themselves as vendors on wiki; encourage user meetups
  •  Issue tracker for chosen repository