JSON code to transpose important number of columns (grefine 2.1)

The code below transpose Column 1 to 19 into one single column. One can quickly edit and adapt this code to your project, open it in NotePade, and call the replace function (keyboard shortcut: ctrl+H). Then replace the term "column" by your column name.

Action describes in this is post are valid only for google refine 2.1 and previous version. If you are using google refine 2.5, please refer to the transpose column across rows article.

This code have been designed to transpose into a single field, content of a split cells (the different value of the original cells being transform into a single row).

Please note:
1. The two following options (which are those I used on a regular basis):
  • "prependColumnName": false, so data remains the same
  • "ignoreBlankCells": true, so no extra lines are added if a cell is blank

2. That this code transpose the last column below the previous one. So ensure that columns you want to transpose are the last in your project.

3.  You can also refer to the section 5 of David's tutorial for details on the transpose function.