Merge records spread on multiple rows

This article will go through steps to gather on the content of the same row spread on two rows. This method can be extended when a single record is hosted on multiple rows.

Another interesting solution is described by Mekk in the comment of this article using  row.record.cells[columnName].value[0] . It has been since turned into its own article: Fill down the right and secure way

In our case, the records A(1,2,3) appears on lines 1 and 2. The same thing happens for record B and C.

  1. Set your display on Show as rows.
  2. Select one of the column where your data are display as top row. In our case Col1 and Col3 host top rows data and facet on non blank (=false) on one of this column

  3. Stars all rows and remove the facet

  4. Fill down on all columns

  5. Facet on star = true

  6. Remove all matchings rows

  7. and remove the facet on starred row. Now we have only three rows presenting all information relative to A ; B and C :)