Introducing OpenRefine Authenticator and File Extensions

The RefinePro team is thrilled to release under the Apache License 2.0 two new extensions for the OpenRefine ecosystem. The extensions have been funded and developed in partnership with Novartis, with the technical help of Aridhia Informatics. They are released under the FAIRplus program. 

Thank you to Jiangbo Dang, Andrea Splendiani, and Rodrigo Barnes for your help. 

Feel free to reach out if you have questions. You can also open issue in each respective repository 

OpenRefine Authenticator 


OpenRefine's extension to add authentication protocols for HTTP/HTTPS request. Compatible with OpenRefine 3.3 and supporting:

  • Custom applications with JWT tokens
  • Basic authentication (login password)

The extension allows passing credentials when

  • Creating a project from Web Addresses (URLs):
  • Adding a column by fetching URLs based on this column
  • Calling a reconciliation service via OpenRefine native interface
  • Calling an RDF endpoint using the RDF extension

We recorded a brief demo (without sound) to create a project using a file behind a login/password.  

OpenRefine File Extension


The File Extension addresses the challenges when a user tries to upload a large file into OpenRefine in a hosted environment.  When using Create a project from this computer, OpenRefine needs to upload over an Internet connection the file with the risk of time out and network transmission error. Thanks to the File Extension, the user can upload first the file on the instance before creating the project. 

The File Extension also lets administrators package OpenRefine docker images with preloaded datasets that users can access in a secure environment - when organizing training, for example. 

Docker Image


During the docker build ... command, you can set the following arguments to disable any menus from the Create Project page. This option lets the system administrators control how users can import data into the OpenRefine instance. For example, in a secure, you can limit import to only what is available on the OpenRefine instance using Workspace Data and prevent users from importing new data into the instance.