Visual Web Ripper (VWR) End of Life


Visual Web Ripper was one of the first point-and-click web scraping software released over ten years ago and developed by Sequentum. On June 30, 2022, Sequentum will deprecate the license server for VWR. After that date, Visual Web Ripper will stop working, and no projects will be executed. 

In this post, we highlight several key dates in VWR end of life. Sequentum provides a migration path from VWR to their latest technology.

In 20218, Sequentum stopped maintaining the software and replaced it with Content Grabber as their technology evolved. 

In December 2020, the software was officially deprecated, and its official website is no longer active. 

Around September 2021, Sequentum updated their domain which has caused the Visual Web Ripper (VWR) license server to no longer be found when VWR agents startup. 

It cause the following error in Visual Web Ripper: unexpected error. The remote name could not be resolved  lic.visualwebripper.com

Sequentum issued a quick software update to remove VWR's dependency on our domain. Please install this update to all machines where Visual Web Ripper is running: https://download.sequentum.com/vwr_fix.zip

Sequentum have also setup the following portal to provide you immediate access to your Visual Web Ripper User Account: http://support.vwr.sequentum.com/Login.aspx?st=