Increase Set Facet Choice Count

The default maximum number of values displayed in a facet is 2,000. This limitation has been set to prevent Refine to slow down when working with large datasets.

You can override this parameter by changing this value. Click on Set Choice Count Limit and define the new maximum (Refine prompt automatically a value matching the maximum number of value is your current facet).

Once your new choice set, the facet will refresh displaying all values in your field.

This new maximum count limit is now the default for your Refine application, whatever the field or project you are working on. It will consume more memory from your machine and can significantly slow Refine down. In this case you can reset the default number of value to display by changing your preferences under:

Look for the key ui.browsing.listFacet.limit  and select edit to enter a new value.

When you are working with a large dataset, there is other way to display values in a facet. You can combine multiple facet together to narrow down your selection or use facet by facet count.